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SHISEIDO Japanese Straightening

Koko Hair Artistry's Hairdressers are SHISEIDO Straightening Specialists.

With the use of high quality SHISEIDO products and a high level of skill and experience learnt in Japan, we excel at SHISEIDO Japanese hair straightening. 

Below are the answers to some of our most frequently asked questions

Q. How long will the hair straightening last?

A. SHISEIDO straightening is permanent.  However as new hair grows, it will need Re-touch straightening, usually after 6 months. It is not necessary to do whole hair straightening all the time to avoid any damage.


Q. After straightening is done, do I still need to use a straightener?

A. Normally you can just dry off and brush after showering. However, a straightener can be used for a more glossy look if required.


Q. When can I wash my hair after the straightening?

A. After 48 hours, you can wash your hair. We also recommend not to tie your hair for one week.


Q. Can I still colour my hair?

A. After one week you can colour your hair, but NO BLEACH.

Bleach and straightening can not combine and will damage your hair.


Q.  I had bleach my hair a week ago, can I  Straighten?


A. Unfortunately no, Bleach and Straightening can not be combined. It will damage your hair.


Q. Can I get Straightening even if my hair has highlights?


A. It depends on your current hair condition. It could be ok or might be not. Normal processes of highlights often contain bleach, bleach and straightening cannot be combined, it will damage your hair. But if highlighted parts are small, we can avoid those part with protection cream. This would be a longer process and will incur additional costs.

Q. My hair is already dry and dmaged, but I wanna get straightening. Is it possible?


A. It's entirely depends on your hair condition. Sometimes we recommend to get Keratin treatment rather than straightening. It is a professional smoothing treatment, improves the health of the hair and makes your hair straighter.

We hope those answers will help your decision, if you want to know more, make an appointment with us or just pop in to the salon. We will be happy to help you or even just chat about your hair conditions.

Koko Hair Artistry

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